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Before starting Ambient Pictures, Lee won multiple awards working as a Senior Cameraman with Aljazeera English for seven years; shooting and directing a wide range of documentaries and long-form current affairs stories for its highly rated show, 101 East.
Lee has vast experience from filming in nearly 60 countries across six continents, often in remote regions where logistically demanding shoots require a calm head. Passionately honing his skills over more than 20 years, Lee is much sought after for his meticulous attention to detail while bringing creative ideas to life.
From delicately lit interviews with heads of state to dynamic multi-camera outdoor shoots; from carefully crafted documentaries to fast-moving sports features; from disaster zones to snow-capped mountains, Lee can be relied on to deliver quality images on time and with good nature.
And if you believe in a life-giving cup of coffee in the midst of hard work, Lee would love to hear from you.
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